Bayboro launches suspended indefinitely

I had been entertaining the notion that a one-day launch at Bayboro on March 28 would be a good way to get out of the house into a VERY unconfined space and enjoy a little rocket flying and hang out with some friends for a day (hotels and restaurants in New Bern completely shut down) but the Tripoli BOD has squashed that notion.? We will shift our attention to the last launch of the season on April 25-26, and hope that some of the universal panic will die down by then.

Alan Whitmore


Okay, here it is:
Tripoli Rocketry Association has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation.
The White House and the CDC has recommended that all gatherings be limited to 10 people or less. (
In order to protect our members, their families and guests at launches, and do our part to stem the spread of the virus, the TRA board of directors have taken the following actions.
All TRA sanctioned launches, meetings, or other gatherings shall be canceled for a minimum of 15 days, starting March 18, 2020
We will continue to monitor the situation.
Please stay safe and healthy

Tripoli Board of Directors

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