Launch Report, Bayboro, April 6-7 2024

The weekend was much better for rocketry than the weather that wound up cancelling the March launch, but it was rather windy at the field.  This resulted in some pretty long walks for high altitude flights, and any flight that put out a chute at over 2500ft or so.  Sunday was actually busier than Saturday from a total number of flights perspective, which is unusual.

Summary of the motors flown:

C 6
D 6
E 6

There were several L1 certifications this weekend. Elizabeth Garmon flew Liz Laugh Love on a H128 and David Chrostowski flew Anderious 1 for successful NAR level 1 certifications.  Max Wolff flew Lambda 1 on a H100 for a successful Tripoli level 1.  James Garmon flew Planet Express Rocket on a I180 for his Tripoli level 1.  Aditya Chudha flew Oblivion on a H148 for his level 1, and Emma Cavanaugh flew Whoah Nelly on a H100 for her Tripoli level 1.  Congratulations all around.

Several team flights were made on Saturday.  NCSSM flew Cardinal on a J800.  NC State had three flights.  Don’t Touch flew on a J420, TOOB flew on a F20 and Pencil Pusher, a 54mm minimum diameter rocket flew on a L1000 to an impressive altitude and an impressively distant recovery.  UNC Pembroke had two flights, Andy on a K560 and PCR on a I500.

Parker Rhyne flew Live, Laugh, Launch on a M2500.  Jacob Catanzarito flew Smokescreen on a H100.  A special guest showed up unexpectedly, Joe Hill, who together with his father Dennis Hill, flew Honest John on a M1297.  There were several “HoJo’s” flying Saturday with Brent Bierstedt flying three more of them.  The smallest, Honest John, flew on a G64, a mid-size Honest John flew on a I236 and another larger Honest John flew on an EX K600 white smoke motor.

Zane Andersen flew Proxima on a K1103.  Shriyans Dwivedi flew LOC BBX on a H130 and Mike Nay flew Double Tube, a two stage tube fin rocket on a J800 staging to a J350.

On Sunday, the Harrell’s were out in force.  Jesse Harrell flew Green Tip twice, both times on a D12.  Everett Harrell flew Egger on a D12 and Stretch Lil’ Ivan twice on C6 motors.  Sophia Harrell flew The Meadow on a C6 and Sophia’s Screamer three times, all on E12 motors.  Richard Powers flew Patriot on a D20, Modulus on a E35, Big Bertha on a D16 and 3 Inch School Rocket on a E35.

Jared Moorman flew Ghost Chaser on a C6. Briana Thomas flew Chiller on a C6 and Adrianna Keene flew Alpha on a C6.  Alan Whitmore flew Astro Mollusk 7 on a 6 grain 38mm EX motor in Livingston White and Extended Irene on a 6 grain 29mm EX motor in BV3 formula.

Mike Nay flew Blue Iguana on a K185.  Nick Pyrtle flew Enceladus on a L1390 and Ardent Hawk on a K1275.  Samuel and Robbie Kirk flew The Shark Claw on a G79.  Jim Livingston flew Sea Hawk on a L850 EX motor.

David Moreno was quite busy.  He flew Mustang 2 twice, once on a F15 and once on a F39, Double Trouble, a cluster rocket (which seemed to live up to the name with motors failing to light and one CATO), three times, on a pair of D12’s, a pair of E12’s and a pair of E15’s, Initiator on a G53 and Barracuda on a G64.  Nathan Potvin Flew Boosted Bertha, a two stage, on a C6 to a C6 and Save 2 on a K1103.

See you all at the end of the month for the last launch of the season.


Kurt Hesse


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