Launch Report, Bayboro, February 24-25, 2024

We finally got a good weekend to fly rockets and the attendance and launches were up substantially.

Summary of the motors flown:

C 3

There were numerous certifications this weekend, two of which were level 3.  On Saturday, Mike McKeon had a successful level 3 certification with his rocket Pete on a M2050.  On Sunday, Abirham Kondagunta had a successful level 3 certification with his rocket Hive on a M1340.  Congratulations to the both of you.

Saturday saw something we don’t see often, a successful level 1 and level 2 certification by the same flyer.  Matt Williams flew WristLOC on a I175 for his level 1 and a J415 for level 2.

Saturday also had Aidan McCloskey fly Pizza Planet on a I218 for a successful level 1 certification.  James Holley flew Rocinante on a I140 for a level 1 success.  Nathan Meyer flew Shamrocket on a I180 for level 1 success and again on a J415 for a successful level 2 attempt.

Sunday saw Dave Moreno fly Black Stealth on a I211 for a level 1 success and David Autry flew Zepher on a H213 for another level one success.

That is the most certifications I can remember in a single weekend.  Congratulations to everyone.

Other Saturday flights included a contingent of Royal Rangers flying a lot of low power flights.  Mason Ormond flew Estes Long Ranger on a B6 and Riptide on a B6.  Mason Hardison flew Nuke1 twice, both times on a B6.  Malachi Jarman flew Orange Bullet twice on B6 motors.  Laytham Rogers flew Boom Boom Bang on B6 motors twice as well.  Matthew Polansky flew Fly to the Moon twice, both times on a B6.  Bo Polansky flew D Qazzy Wazy on a B6.  Richard Prada flew his Thing on a B6 and Carter Johnson flew Wreckless Racer on a C6.

The Jordan High TARC team flew three times, Sparks on a F51 and Just Like Heaven twice, both times on F51 motors.  The NC State High Power Rocket Club flew Shake n’ Bake on a L1940 and UCN Pembroke flew Andy on a K560.

Sebastian Lindquist flew Little John on a K750.  John Libdquist flew a rocket with no name on a K160 that we were a little worried about the marginal thrust to weight ratio, but it flew just fine.  Nick Pyrtle flew Enceladus on a K750 for a nice flight.  Alan Whitmore had the trusty Astro Mollusk 7 out for a flight on a 38mm research motor with Kosdon Slow propellant formula.  Mike Nay flew Prometheus on a K850, a nice sparky motor.  We don’t normally allow sparky motors but with the lower winds and the recent rain coupled with the corn stubble being well deteriorated, it was a go this time.

Brent Bierstedt was busy with several flights.  He flew Thomahawk on a J180, Bandit Upscale on a G64, Cherokee D Upscale on a F52 and Patriot on a F52. Robbie Kirk flew Red & Black on a D13 and Spike II on a G53.  Dave Moreno flew Mustang 2 on a G53, Stage 1 on a F15, Ashes to Crashes, a two stage, on a F15 to a F15, and Double Trouble, a cluster on a pair of D12’s.

On Sunday, Emma Cavanaugh flew Whoah Nelly! on a H100.  Nathan Potvin flew Save 2 on a J420 and in addition to his level 1 success, Dave Moreno flew Base Jump on a H238.  Robbie Kirk had multiple flights.  He flew Multi-roc on a C6, Star Orbiter on a E12, Nike X on a C6 and Galaxy on a D12.  Allen Harrell flew Red Max on a C6 and Wyggle Wamp (I think…) in a E12. 

Nick Pyrtle flew Fever Pitch on a L1520.  Jim Livingston flew Carbon High on a L1200 white smoke research motor.  Alan Whitmore flew Bertrand Brinley’s Beta on a two grain 54mm research motor that had mixed blue grains (one with aluminum and one with magnesium as the metal fuel).  Paul Kraemer had two flights. One was his LOC V on a K400 and the other was Hat Trick with a cluster of three K185 motors that was nicely impressive.

This was a great weekend with a lot of flights and many certifications.  I hope that the last three launches of the season go just as well.


Kurt Hesse


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