We have lost use of the Butner field


Unfortunately, we have lost the use of the Butner Beef Cattle Research Facility for our monthly summer non-waivered low power events.?? Reasons too complicated to go into, but it was not due to any damage we caused or misbehavior of our people

We need to start looking around for another low-power field in the general Research Triangle area that we can use for our summer events (May through August

It seems worth our time, because a lot of families with young children live in the Triangle area, and a 3 hour drive to Bayboro is a little too much for a lot of people.?? I know we have a lot of flyers who live east of I-95, but the bulk of the people in NC live in the center of NC, between 95 and 77.?? It will still serve the educational goals of our club if we spend a little energy looking for a place in the middle where we can fly small rockets in the summer.?? So, please keep your eyes open as you drive around your hometowns, and look for open spaces not filled with crops or buildings.?? Make contact with the owners if you can, and tell them who we are and introduce them to our club and its educational goals. ???Call or email me or Dave Morey if you get any leads.?? Thanks.

Alan Whitmore

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