Possible Launch This Month, February 27 or 28

Hello all my Tripoli East NC rocketry enthusiasts!

I’ve done a lot of thinking about whether or not to host a launch this month. We’re beginning to see a slight glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. As the vaccine continues to be administered, we still need to remain vigilant. Daily cases and hospitalizations in North Carolina are somewhat trending down, but we’re all aware how quickly that can change.

After talking with several people and listening to their concerns carefully, I’ve decided to host a ONE day launch this month on the weekend of the 27th. The day will be contingent on weather, and I will send out an email closer to the date letting everyone know whether we will be launching on Saturday or Sunday. If the weather turns out to be perfect both days, we’ll stick to launching on Saturday.

Now, here are some very important guidelines that I’ll be enforcing so that we can keep everyone’s health in mind. A lot of these stem from Alan Whitmore’s original set of guidelines.

1.)Masks are to be worn whenever you are around ANYONE but yourself.
2.)Park your vehicle farther away than you normally do on the flight line.
3.)There will be a large container of hand sanitizer on the sign-in desk, please use this when approaching the RSO/LCO/pads.
4.)I will wipe down the LCO controls with disinfectant wipes at shift change.
5.)I’ll record each flyer’s name, home city and phone number for tracing purposes.
6.)UNIVERSITIES – I will be limiting the amount of students at the RSO/LCO and pad areas to only the team leaders/captains. All students can prep the rocket at their vehicle on the flight line, and also retrieve the rocket out in the field.
7.)Maintain social distancing
8.)The RSO will write down each flyer’s flight information, and relay that info to the LCO.
9.)If you or anyone else has had CoVid or experiencing CoVid symptoms, DO NOT attend.

Once again, let’s keep everyone’s health and safety in mind. I feel as though these are simple and effective steps that we can take in order to get out there and have some fun, while also being responsible.

I look forward to seeing everyone down in Bayboro.

Joe Hill
Prefect, Tripoli East NC

From Dave Morey: I will update the schedule when Joe makes a decision and post it here. Until then the schedule still says launches are cancelled.

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