Saturday launch 1/20/18 in Bayboro delayed by two hours

The start of the launch in Bayboro on Saturday 1/20/18 will be delayed from 10AM to Noon. Message from Alan:


The NOTAM is called in and we are go for Saturday and Sunday, and the weather looks good in Bayboro.


However, there is still a lot of snow on the ground here in the central part of the state.?? I have about 8 inches in my driveway in Chapel Hill, for example.? Tomorrow (Friday) looks to be nice and warm, but 8 inches of snow is still a lot of ?stuff?, and more to the point, the projected temps for Friday night/Saturday morning are predicted to be below zero.? Which means that with snowmelt tomorrow, the roads are likely to be slick early Saturday morning.?


Let?s try to be real safe about this weekend, and all of us arrive in Bayboro with all of our cars and trucks ?un-wrecked?.?? I propose to get started at Bayboro at noon on Saturday, rather than the usual 10:00 AM.? Just put off your usual departure time on Saturday morning by two hours and take it slow and easy on your drive to the field.? I?ll see you there Saturday afternoon!


Alan Whitmore

Prefect, Tripoli East NC

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