Launch Report, Bayboro, October 12, 2013

The rain held off all day long on Saturday, but a low cloud level of about 1000 feet prevented any high flights.

We only had four flyers and Dave Morey graciously ran the show. Everyone that brought high altitude flights just watched the entertainment.
Steve Polk flew his rocket named Seven three times, twice on E9s and once on a D12. One of the E9s popped the nozzle, but the other flights were successful. He also flew a Harpoon three times on C6-5s.

One of the two cluster flights of the day was Andrew Billin?s Nike Ajax which flew on three D12-5s. He also flew a Tomahawk on a Cesaroni F29 IMax.

Scott Schnegelberger flew Thing One on the only high power flight of the day using a Cesaroni I180 SkidMark.

Thing One Skidmark I180

Scott Schnegelberger’s “Thing One” lifting off on a Cesaroni Skidmark I-180

Thing One Skidmark I180

“Thing One” against a dark sky


He used two Ravens for redundant dual deployment and other telemetry.


Mike Downs was flying some NARTrek flights. NARTrek is an NAR achievement program you can work through at your own pace and to whatever level you like.? Mike flew a Condor boost glider on a B6-4 with a target of at least 30 seconds of flight. The glider flew at least 90 seconds before the timers lost sight of it. It was successfully recovered with some guidance and assistance via cell phone from the launch area. He also flew a scale model of a Chinese Long March III on an A motor, a cluster of three 3 B6-4s in SkyBender and a payload in Zenith II with a B6-4.

Ray Bryant and Eric Fadely stayed for Sunday, but the clouds were still overcast with a low ceiling. They did a static test of one of Eric?s M motors and then packed up the trailer.

Here is the motor use summary for Saturday:

Motor Saturday
A 1
B 2
C 3
D 2
E 2
F 2
G 1
I 1

-Dave Morey

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